Britt Ballenger CD- Losers and Lovers
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Losers and Lovers, Released July 29, 2014.

*Track Listing:

1.   A Bigger Jukebox
2.   You Just Forgot
3.   No Rain, No Rainbow
4.   This Wanting You
5.   Losers and Lovers
6.   Close
7.   Bitter Homes and Gardens
8.   If You're Ever Down In Dallas
9.   No Plan B
10. I Always Will
11. When You're Coming Down
12. Make You Mine
13. I Can't Remember Anymore
14. A Simple Life

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​Britt Ballenger CD- Why Don't You Love Me?
IN STOCK $10  Released 2003
*Track Listing:
1.  Why Don't You Love Me
2.  I'm Gonna Let You Hurt Me One More Time
3.  Borrowed Angel
4.  Set Up Two Glasses, Joe
5.  Next In Line
6.  Part Of A Lonely Thing Called Me
7.  Wishful Thinking
8.  On Second Thought
9.  Uh, Oh (Excuse Me While I Cry)
​10.Face To The Wall

​Britt Ballenger CD- Permanent Wave Goodbye
IN STOCK​  $5  ​Released 2000
*Track Listing:
1.  Permanent Wave Goodbye
2.  Plant Your Roots Deep
3.  You
4.  Where Do We Go
5.  Honky Tonk Feet
6.  August Rain
7.  Spring Cleaning
​8.  Someone Stole the Jukebox